Financing FAQs

No! You do NOT need a down payment when you go solar with Impact Solar!

If you are approved for solar financing you can simply swap your current utility bill for a monthly solar payment, often times lowering your monthly utility costs in the process!

We work with several different installers and financiers which gives you multiple options when it comes to paying for your solar system.

You can pay by:

We take a look at each homeowners situation and provide the best options on an individual basis.

Solar savings vary greatly and depend on a number of factors. To determine your savings our Solar Advisors look at influencing factors such as: roof size, roof shading, azimuth and pitch of your roof, current utility company and rate plan and more.

To get a completely accurate estimate on how much you will save with solar please contact us to get a free solar estimate.

For solar installations that happen within the 2022 calendar year the US Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is 30% of the total system cost.

That means the US Government is paying for over 1/4 of your solar system!

State incentives vary widely depending on the state. We currently offer services in Arizona, Illinois, Oregon and Washington State!

To see if you qualify for the federal and state tax incentives please contact us for a free solar estimate!

That is a tricky question.

Determining whether or not you get a remaining bill from the power company after you go solar will vary depending on a number of factors.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Does your utility offer net metering or net billing?
  • What type of buyback do they offer?
  • How much power will your home/family consume in a year?
  • How much space is available on your roof?
  • What type of panel/inverters will be used?

The best way to get the answer to these questions and more is to get an estimate from an Impact Solar Utility Advisor or any number of solar installers in your area!

Installation FAQs

The process to get solar on your roof, from paperwork to production, varies greatly by your location and often varies based on the time of year.

Because the process involves the city/county permitting departments, HOAs and utility company the entire process can generally take anywhere from 4-16 weeks.

It is our goal to keep homeowners informed throughout the entire process, ensuring they are aware of any delays that may occur.

To get an estimate of the current installation time please schedule a free solar consultation today!

The number of solar panels you will need for your home is determined based on your roofs pitch/azimuth, panel wattage, panel efficiency and most importantly how much power your home is consuming!

Everybody is always concerned with the number of panels their neighbor has, when they should be asking how much POWER are those panels producing?!

To see how many panels we will put on your roof and how much power they will generate, schedule a free solar consultation today!

Maintenance FAQs

In most climates and situations you do not need to clean your solar panels.

Typically the pitch of the roof/racking will prevent significant dust and dirt buildup affecting your solar systems energy production and rain will take care of the rest. Even the in-frequent rain the the desert is enough to keep panels in the deserts of the South Western United States clean and producing at peak performance!

Recent studies have shown that you lose less than 1% production from dusty/dirty panels. The loss in production is minor compared to the average cost to clean panels.

Generally, solar systems are maintenance free, and will be providing power for over 25+ years.

Cleaning solar systems is not generally necessary, unless birds have done their business on the face of the panels. A study done in Tucson, Arizona showed that cleaning solar panels increased production output by less than 1%, which does not justify the cost associated with professional cleaning.

If done by a do-it-yourself-er, its best to be sure to not use water that will leave hard water stains!