Its that time of year again for Arizona residents.

Ever since APS made the switch from Net Energy Metering (NEM) to Rate Rider (aka Net Billing) in 2017 we have faced annual decreases in the APS solar buyback rate. The buyback rate, for those of you that aren’t informed, is the rate APS pays customers [that went solar after 2017] to export power back to the grid.

The current buyback rate of $0.09405 is set to decrease to $0.0846 on September 1, 2022.

APS Solar Buyback Decrease Schedule
APS has reduced the solar buyback for exported energy by 10% annually since starting their Rate Rider RCP program, 2020 being the lone exception.

Sign Up Before September 1st To Lock-In Your Buyback

APS customers who go solar before September 1, 2022 will lock in their 9.405¢ per kWh buyback rate for 10 years per the Arizona Corporate Commission. At that time the buyback rate will be revisited, so its important to pay attention to your local elections and ensure you know who you are voting for!

The exported power buyback is one of the most important incentives that is being offered to APS customers who install solar. Even in the deserts of Arizona, residential solar installations still rely on the existing power grid. Without massive amounts of [money and] home battery storage, solar is only as good as the programs that the utility company offers.

Many homeowners are currently able to produce power below the current buyback rate, essentially selling power to APS for a profit, and eliminate their APS bill completely.

When the buyback rate drops 10% on September 1st the number of homeowners that will have this experience will diminish significantly.

It is expected that on September 1, 2023 buyback rates will yet again decrease another 10% to 7.416¢ per kWh exported back to the grid.

If you would like to have peace of mind with your power bill and insulate yourself from APS rate increases then solar is a NO BRAINER!

…and locking your buyback rate in TODAY will save you money and time in the long run. Everbody has the best intents to go solar “next year,” and let me tell you “next year” always turns into NEXT YEAR.

Get a solar estimate today and we will have an Impact Solar Utility Advisor show you designs from SunPower and Titan Solar Power, educate you on how you interact with the power company, show you the tax credits and incentives currently being offered and leave you with your custom solar report.

If you would like more information on the APS Rate Rider RCP (aka Net Billing) program, you can download a PDF resource directly from here.