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How much can you save when you go solar?

The incentives offered by your local utility provider determine how well solar will work for you.

Incentives for solar change frequently. It is important that your chosen solar professionals are up-to-date on all of the programs your local utility company offers.

Our solar advisors are rigorously trained on each utility company that we serve.

Net Metering Programs

The most common program is Net Metering.  In Net metering, excess power is exported to the power company, accumulating a credit for future usage.

Net metering is a great incentive because it is typically weighted in the consumers favor and allows for smaller system installs and lower costs for the consumer.

Net Billing Programs

An alternative to “net metering,” net billing provides a static rate in USD ($) per kWh for excess power sent back to the power company.

System size limits, export caps and other system limitations vary by your local government or power company. 

30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for Qualified Homeowners that Go Solar

The US Federal Government is currently paying for 30% of the total system cost for residential solar systems installed in 2023.

Not every homeowner will qualify. 

Arizona Incentives

The State of Arizona is giving up to a $1,000 Tax Credit to qualifying homeowners.

illinois incentives

Illinois is currently offering Solar Renewable Energy Credits based on market conditions.

Washington incentives

Washington State lacks any formal solar tax credit or incentives.

Oregon incentives

State and Utility offered incentives vary by location in Oregon.

Installation & Warranties

When you choose Impact Solar, you choose to have peace of mind.

We partner the top solar installation companies in the United States, with some of the best solar technology available today, to ensure our customers and their investments are protected.

Learn more about our installation partners, their available equipment, warranties and more below.

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